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ThinOptics Review – Reading Glasses on Your Phone!

A great piece of lateral thinking came up with ThinOptics, keeping your reading glasses always at hand with your iPhone or any other smartphone!   Many of us who wear reading glasses when we need to are often in frustrating situations when we do not have our reading glasses with us.  Putting your reading glasses on the one item that never leaves your side, your smartphone solves that problem.

ThinOptics were developed in Silicon Valley and are a very advanced pair ofreading glasses.    They come as either a Universal Pod Case, to stick to the back of your smartphone or any other hard flat surface, or a custom  mobile phone case for your Apple Iphone or other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy range.

Key Features


thinoptic iphone

  • The glasses flex to fit snugly on every nose by using Nitinol, a very tough titanium alloy  in the nose bridge
  • The glasses are stable whether worn high or low on your nose
  • The nose pads provide stability and adhesion without compromising comfort


thinopt caption

  • The glasses weigh less than a nickel and are thinner than 2 credit cards allowing them to disappear on your phone
  • Traditional bulky frames don’t fit into a phone case, so ThinOptics resurrected and modernized the pince nez frame design from 100’s of years ago
  • The glasses contain no ear pieces allowing them to be very compact


thin op strgths

  • Uncompromising optical experience for everyday use based on the same Poly-Carbonate used in high-end prescription glasses
  • The lenses are made using bullet-proof glass to survive rugged use.
  • In Three standard Reading Glass Strengths  +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50


Thinoptics Review Our Summary

In conclusion of this ThinOptics review you only have to see online the great overall praise in response to these miraculous compact reading glasses.  Many find them  very easy to take with you as the glasses and case are barely larger than a credit card attached to your smartphone.

Although they are well praised some users have noticed that they can fall off when for example you make sudden head movements or do anything that causes your nose to wrinkle.

Compared with standard armed readers these prove invaluable when using them when reading in bed, looking for product price in the supermarket, using when reading a menu etc.

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